Bethany: Team Peterson-Champions, Three Years and Counting

Mar 17

Bethany: Team Peterson-Champions, Three Years and Counting

I had a dream last night that I was not married.  I was single and still in college.  It was just a flashback style dream about who I used to be, I guess.  Someone asked me out, and I agreed.  Then there was the exciting getting know each other part.

Today is Adam and my 3 year anniversary.  Three years ago from today we had our first kiss.  I was thinking today, I have kissed the same person for 3 whole years now.  That’s never happened before.  Then, I thought, next year, I will have kissed the same person for 4 years, then 5, then 6, and 25, 26 . . . 50.  There will never be that first exciting “getting to know someone new” time.  However, as very, very magical as that time is, I am so glad that time is over for me.  Getting to know someone is just not as good as “being known.”  I may not have many new stories to tell Adam that he hasn’t heard, but that’s because he’s here with me, living the stories, making them better.  We gave up the giddy goofy curiosity about someone who could be “the one,” to start being known by him/her.

I just really like that.  That’s all.   Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and happy 3 year anniversary, Adam.  Oh, and anniversary banana waffles with caramel and a banana snow was a winning anniversary breakfast.

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  1. yana /

    That made me smile. Happy 3 years together. I almost forgot that this month is our 25 years of knowing each other anniversary.

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