Bethany: Cozy Wozy

Mar 24

Bethany:  Cozy Wozy

It’s still stinking cold in Korea.  So I bought some canvas last weekend to spruce up our place and give me something to do while I stay inside.  My vampiric complexion will alert the stranger that I’m not the outside kind of girl, unless the weather is perfectly ideal and a comfortable restroom is within walking distance.  So far, we haven’t had this combination of conditions on a weekend, the only waking hours when I might enjoy the subjectively Great Outdoors.

Also, so far, we don’t have picture frames so I strung up some of our wedding pics with some mini clothes pin.  The dip is a little deeper than I had visioned, but for now, we’re okay with it and twine and mini clothes pins.  Now we only need some throw pillows and maybe an area rug.  A floor lamp might be nice too.  I go to bed between 10 and 11 most weeknights.  Adam goes to bed an hour or two later.  In a studio, his light is my light.

Anyway, he’s at the gym now.  I am now a doubter of that Vitamin D thing.  Sick all week. He’s healthy and wonderful though.  He has the apartment cleaned up and dinner made when I get home every night.  It’s pretty amazing.  It’s time for me to start the journey towards Sleepytown for the night.  It’s not as funky as Funkytown or as crazy as Crazytown.  It’s a happy, happy place though.  Annyong-hi kyesayo.

Also, I just had to share this little nugget.  Madeline, one of the other foreign teachers at Wonderland, corrected a journal by  a student this week who said, “Jesus is my favorite celebrity, because I love Christmas.”  Two hundred and seventy-five days, guys.  Fa ra ra ra ra ra . . .

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