Adam: Happy Day

Mar 26

Adam: Happy Day

Bethany had a scare today when she was at school which ended up with her at the hospital with an IV in her arm and an old lady snoring like “an old man who forgot how to breathe” sleeping next to her. But now, for the moment, she seems a little better with a belly full of steak and chocolate cheesecake. I’m a sucker for fattening my girl up. I’m like the witch in Hansel and Gretel, yet I could feed Bethany lard 24 hours a day and she wouldn’t gain a pound. I wish she could donate like 1/10th of her Crohn’s so I could do the same.

But, I have been to the gym nearly everyday for the past week. I didn’t go last night and not today, but 2 days off with 7 straight days isn’t bad. I’ll be back tomorrow morning. I lost my card after my first visit, but luckily, when I come in now, the girl working the front desk (who is always there, no matter what time I go in…which has me thinking she is a slave) screams, “AH-DAHM!” I’m a celebrity, what can I say. Or just a white fatty.

Today, we had our montly birthday party for the kindergarten kids. It’s basically a time for all the classes who have birthday boys and girls do a song/dance while the parents watch in the background. My class sang “The Hello Song” from Dragon Tales and a dance to boot. Here’s how the song goes:


After every class does their song, the teachers stand behind the kids after they blow out the candles on their cakes. Then, the parents bum rush the stage to take pictures of their kids with their teachers. It’s like their taking pictures of their kids with David Beckham, only with me, way less British, but with way more muscles and abs.

At my school, we have to call our students once a month and ask them a few questions. It’s so funny when we call their homes, and their mother answers, you can hear the giddyness as they yelp in Korean. “ADAM TEACHER, ON DA PONE!”

What can I say, I’m kind of a big deal.

Here’s some pictures of some of the kids during the birthday party and after. One of them we call “O’Doyle” from the movie Billy Madison, because she’s like the school bully. I’m guessing you’ll be able to tell which one.

Colin loves cake.

Little heartbreaker.

Kids in my first class of the day. Alex is on the far left. He cries. All the time. I wish I could take him back to America with us and adopt him. By the way, he cried during their song.

Annie. Quite possibly the cutest kid ever.

Alice, AKA Kitty, AKA Judie (she's changed her name 3 times this week). We had a staring contest. She won.

Kelly: "Give me your lunch money, punk!"

Colin and Sarah. Sarah's precious. She cried during the cartoon, "Monsters vs. Aliens." "TEACHER, SCARY!"

"Look ma, I can count to two!"


  1. great pictures! love it! so do you like it really? will you stay? will you come home? I am on pins and needles here people!

  2. Amy /

    Cute pics and captions. You’re kinda a big deal around here, too. Glad Bethany’s doing better!

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