Bethany: BR Therapy

Mar 30

Bethany: BR Therapy

I had a Korean dish I liked today!  Mandu–korean dumplings.  I have had them before, but they were more fried today.  So they were more tolerable.

Other stuff happened today too.  Goodie stuff and badie stuff like any day, but I  was fed a delicious dinner of chicken burritos.  Then we went to Baskin Robbins for dessert, and we dropped.  I finally got to wear one of the new dresses I ordered for spring.  Don’t be fooled though; it does not feel like spring.  I layered that bad boy with my wool swing coat and jeans and boots.  Whoever said spring was coming was a liar.  Apparently, spring is pissed at Busan this year, and she’s skipping us altogether.

Also, I teach a play class every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to some ridiculously cute and usually pretty well-behaved kids.  Send some good memory vibes my way so I can remember to take my camera in to record one of their rehearsals.  Those vibes will be worth it when you see Donna and Alice:  Preciousfest.

Now here’s a few more of my cute new dress.  Oh and we’re going to Seoul in a few weekends, and maybe, I’ll have a few new lovelies after that trip.  That is, if it’s warm by then. I am not buying clothes for more 10 C weather.


  1. Hannah /

    it was 12 Grat (C) in Graz during the SUMMER when I went.

  2. Amy /

    Cute! Cute! Cute!

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