Bethany: Princess B reigns the Blogdom again. Orders peasants to read.

Jun 19

Bethany: Princess B reigns the Blogdom again.  Orders peasants to read.

Okay, okay, gimme a break.  I know it’s been forever.  The excuses aren’t that interesting.  Just a lot of catching up at school and either taking walks after dinner to regain my strength or falling straight to sleep.  We haven’t exactly caught World Cup fever like the rest of the planet.  We skipped Korea’s first game to go watch A-team.  I had low expectations for it, but I actually thought it was funny.  Easy laughs, no pretension, just funny.  The kids at school had all watched the game and informed me, with thumbs up and big smiles, “Teach-uh, Greece  no. Korea two.”  Translation: The score was 2-0, Korea. We caught the second game though at a bar in the building beside ours, above the-delicious-waffle coffeehouse, with all of Adam’s coworkers.  It was a fun experience because you know when we move back to the States, we may never be around people who care about soccer like this (except 10 year olds and the mini van moms who drive them to the pee-wee games).  I put away my aversion for sports and really got into it.  I wore the team colors–Red Devils!  I ate a piece of chicken.  I committed and tattooed the logo on my face (Adam went for the forehead like the classy man, he is).  I learned the team chant.  I didn’t drink the brew because beer tastes like pee pee, but I threw my hands in the air like I just don’t care.

Dae-han-mi-guk! : Great Korean People Country!

Adam drinks a man's drink. Coca-cola.

Woooo! Ow, ow, ooowoo!

I skipped the tribal and t.s., bros and bricks.

Sandy says soccer makes you thirsty.

Justin and Mee-Jee

I also had a field trip to make pottery with the wee-ones this week.  I don’t have any programs on my computer to easily edit the videos of the kiddos anymore.  C’est le vie.


Adam bought a new tripod and lens today–lens was less that half of the online price!!  We went to Nampo-dong and had our first  whiff of the Ja-galchi fish market.  It was really, really cool.  The runaway octopi were a little scary though.  Those things can leave a bucket and crawl in your direction in seconds with those b-movie tentacles.  I don’t care what anyone says; the ocean is full of some crazy, terrifying creatures.  Architeuthus taught me that.  I’ll let Adam share his awesome new pics with our reading audience.  They are ridiculously cool.  We also picked up some korea-y gifts for my bro and sis.

And someone from Busan Haps, a publication for English speakers in Busan–kind of like Nightflying entertainment mag in Arkansas, was walking into Quizno’s as we were leaving this afternoon.  He saw Adam’s camera as we held the door open for him and inquired if Adam was a photographer or just ‘doing it for fun.’  He said he needed one and gave Adam his card.  I think Adam’s recent talent is just so apparent that even strangers want a piece of that, but if it might mean some $, albeit illegal $ . . .   Seriously, you’ve got to see the newest batch of Korean adventures captured by my main sqwa-eeze!  Okay, mush moment over.  I keep getting inspired to work on my book about the C-word (crohn’s, for those just tuning in), especially with all the new perspective of Korea healthcare and the terrifying magnifying glass of living in a foreign country with a rare, in this hemisphere, disease.  I’m like a lab rat for my Korean gastrologist.  I suspect the book will be like some of the stories you get from the blog but with a much more personal analysis of these events that tug of war with my intestines.  Like a sickness memoir, if you will.  So maybe some encouragement (or threats to get to work OR ELSE) from someone who might read the book might  be helpful.  I’ll welcome the comments.

Maybe the future of our blog posting will be less sporadic.  We’ve got one more week of June session classes, then July, then Thailand . . . Oh, and I’m coming up on 6 months as a teacher for the Wonderland franchise.  Miss me?

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