Adam: Soccer in Love

Jun 26

Adam: Soccer in Love

It’s 3AM on Sunday morning, and I’m still up watching The Mighty Ducks and Mortal Kombat: Annhilation. I forgot how bad this movie really was. Anyways, I’ve been going staying up really late the past few nights over looking into future business opportunities and working on this new blog. You like? Most people are out drinking their depression away from the Korea soccer team’s loss in the World Cup against Uruguay a few hours ago. By the way, I have now watched two soccer games. Call A&E, I need Intervention. It will be nice when we get back to America and I’ll laugh with friends saying, “Yes, I actually watched two soccer games.” Then, my friends will laugh because they didn’t even know people actually watched soccer. They assumed it was like televised badminton. (Which is coincidentally also popular in Korea. Go figure.)

Two of the teachers at my school, Alison and Katie, are moving back to Canada and then off to another country to teach. It’s kind of weird that about eight more teachers I work with will be doing the same at the end of July. They get to go back where Wal-Mart’s and Root Beer are in abundance. It’s kind of depressing knowing I still have a little less than 6 months until I get that same satisfaction. Thankfully, the days and weeks go by really fast (wishing my life away, I know), so home doesn’t seem too far off.

Jim and Lisa are two people I work with who recently got engaged, so we threw them a surprise party at where else, our school. It always feels weird to go to work on your day off….voluntarily. It feels like when you’re a kid and you went back to your elementary school and you saw your teachers in normal clothes and not horrible sweaters with worms coming out of apples on it. Jim is just a fun-lovin, all-around good guy, and Lisa is the more brash, loves to discipline the bad Korean kids, sweetheart that I work with. We ate fajitas, heard funny stories, and played stupid games. Not a bad Saturday night. Here’s some pictures for you to gawk at.

Jim and Lisa

Justin, Thom, Josh, and Bettie

Couple Shirts. You gotta have couple shirts in Korea. And shoes...and IPODs...and jeans...and...

Paige trying to pop a balloon...

Poor Paige. Chair collapsed after Logan pushed her down to pop the balloon.

Logan couldn't stop laughing. No one could. Poor Paige.

Princess Leia Wrap

If you want to see more pictures, CLICK HERE!

July starts this next week and it’s hard to imagine we’ve been here for 6 months. Korea is a magical land where there are things that will definitely annoy you and get under your skin, but it’s been an amazing blessing. I’m really hoping the next 6 months go just as good and who knows, maybe Bethany will start liking some Korean food.

But I’m not holding my kimchi…

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