Adam: Report Card Replies

Jun 27

Adam: Report Card Replies

We sent off Alison and Katie tonight over some delicious Galbi at Smiley’s and then we headed back to get some work done. I could have gotten some work done earlier today, but it’s hard for me to warrant working on a Sunday afternoon. I would rather surf the internet, watch TV, and put as little strain on my mind muscles as I possibly can before the Monday Meltdown approaches.

The work that I’ve been sitting on for nearly two weeks now is report cards. Every month, we have to write report cards for our Kindergarten students. You have to give a number grade score for about 30 different areas of progress and then write a short comment about each student’s progress. It’s not hard work. It’s boring, monotonous work. You know, the worst kind imaginable. But what makes it fun is reading the parent’s replies from the previous month when you get it. A lot of the parents speak no English, some speak a little, and some speak it really well. I know I’m about to make fun of their ignorance, but it’s too fun not to share. Plus, maybe you can tell ME what they’re trying to say.

Example 1: “When I saw him on the open class. he was better and more activer than before. We are very satisfied with him. However, it is always problem. ¬†how I give chance to him. to speak and think in American.”

Think in American? It’s not as hard it seems, actually.

Example 2: “I agreed to your thought partly. ‘D’¬†likes to study in a free atmosphere. so he gets distracted in class sometimes. Although he loose or distract till now, if we try to endeavor ceaselessly, ‘D’ will impress profoundly. I hope you will kindly look after ‘D’.”

Holy big word dictionary, Batman! Those words I used to look up in the Thesaurus when I wrote really bad poetry.

Ok, here’s the last one. I have no idea what this means. If you know, please comment and tell me. Enjoy!

Example 3: “‘A’ is strong child personality sometimes when talking to playfully and would make a habit is not. Please pray forgive me. ‘A’ is a fiction sometimes in the flush. It happens to participate in teach led instruction ‘A’ give us your praise if he goes to do better but she believes more.”

I sure hope my future child is not a fiction. Sounds like a personal problem to me.

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