Bethany: Teacherhood

Jun 30

Bethany: Teacherhood

I’ve been away from the words for awhile, but it’s been a very good few weeks in recovery.  I went to Dr. Kim on Monday to receive reports that my lungs are back to normal; although, I still have to go back in 3 weeks for some reason.  I got another shot last night, and I feel good.  I’ve actually been kind of emotional about it.  I was going to school and having about 15 bowel movements a day (more information than anyone needs to know), but it makes you so hungry when you can’t keep your calories and so exhausted.  I’ve gone the past few days without having to spend my breaks between classes in kiddie stalls, rushing to beat the bell, trying to rehydrate on the way.  I actually got a little choked up, thinking about how normal I feel lately.  I have had many periods in my life where I’ve begged God for normalcy in my body.  We’ve been trying to create some normalcy in our routines, even though we’re living what seems very abnormal, to trick my body into being comfortable.  Even though I may have many days in a row waiting out choppy inner seas, I’m glad that I can still be thankful for the calm waters as well.

Another thing that’s had me a little soft lately is the kids.  I’m not the best kid person, but I’m not not-a-kid person.  Sometimes I just feel for these kids and their experiences that are so far from my very blessed childhood and family.  I have leeches latched on calling, “Mommy, mommy!” and I wonder if sometimes the calls are more than just fun, but because the schools and teachers are replacing something.  When I read an essay today, I hurt for the Korean family life again.  They look down on us for our cheeseburgers, but surely this situation is much more unhealthy and much more “norm.”

Why I Like to Take Long Flights

Hello, every.  Nice to meet you.  I am Hello Kitty.  My Daddy calls me ‘Pink princess’.  It’s funny, but I really don’t like it.  When he calls me that, I tell him to stop.  He just smiles and laughs at me.  Hmm, what kind of Daddy is he?

Usually, my Dad is very good to me.  He reads me English stories before I go to bed.  Nice, isn’t it?  I know.  But my Dad is always busy.  Sometimes, he comes home really late from work.  Then I get angry and cry under my pillow.  I wish I could have my Daddy all to myself.

This is why I like to take long flights.  Do you think long flights are boring?  I don’t because during the flight, I watch movies, read books and sleep.  Best of all, my Daddy  is always right there beside me.  He is not busy, and so he has nothing to do but play with me.

I also like long flights with my daddy because we play card games.  I really like to play card games, and I am happy to play them.  We play ‘go fish’ and ‘one card’.  We play it many times during the flight Sometimes, he cheats, but usually I still win.

Now you know why I like to take long flights.  If you have any other ideas to share on how you spend more time with your Daddy.  Please let me know.  I love my Daddy so much.  I wish I could be Daddy’s little girl forever.

Before I finish my speech, I would like to tell you a little secret.  Sometimes a long flight is boring.  Please don’t tell my Daddy.

Ok?  Thank you.  [sic]

I don’t know.  Are we stand-in parents?  Does it really take a Wonderland village?  For some of the kids, maybe so.

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  1. Randall /

    This was beautiful Beth, I am sorry that sometimes I let myself get too busy for you guys. I hope you savour every moment with these lil’ ones and consider what you want in a family. I am glad you are feeling some better. Love Dad,

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