Adam: No Saturated Fats

Sep 08

Adam: No Saturated Fats

I’ve been in a writing mood lately. Usually, my nights consist of cooking dinner for Bethany and I, watching some TV, going to the gym, watching some more TV, and falling asleep too close to my wake up call. I realize most consider that to me wasting my life away. Many might consider it wasting my time in Korea. We’ll just both agree to analyze the main word there: waste.

We’ve made a plan to stay another two years after our first contract is up in Korea. Therefore, we’re in the waiting game. The waiting game of when we will be back on American soil, making ends meet God knows how. But something clicked in my brain the other week: urgency. It’s not quite as bad as being on death row and trying to write your life story down on paper to maybe salvage somewhat of a legacy for those who care to know it. But it’s getting to the point of watching the Mondays turn to Saturdays turn to Mondays again really quick. Two months ago we were in Thailand. It seems like last weekend. Christmas is just a little over 3 months away. I remember leaving from the Memphis Airport on New Years Day vividly, albeit half-asleep.

I’ve filled my life with filler. I have become a processed food. Fill my body up with man-made products and leave out the organics. Let the TV and mindless internet surfing meld the nights into morning.

I’ve become the Twinkie.

A few weeks ago, I decided to try and start re-learning Spanish. I gave up on Korean after the first month. Once I could read the words like a 5-year-old could, I decided that would suffice. Hopefully, all the words I need to know will be in Konglish. I started with a good hour-long refresher in Rosetta Stone and haven’t revisited it since. I keep telling myself to, but either the annoyance I must cause on Bethany listening to me five-feet-away or just the lack of motivation, I refresh my facebook or surf MMA websites.

It would make me look like one of the most ignorant people on the world to not realize the precious time I have while I’m in Korea. Many ESL teachers complain about how hard their jobs are. Yes, the hours can and do suck for a lot of people, definitely including Bethany’s school in this one, but when it comes to the “responsibility” that is placed on our shoulders and actual difficulty of our jobs, we’re glorified babysitters. Facts are facts. We have it easy. Radio was a fun time, but I do not miss the working until 3 AM getting pictures up on the station’s website for a nod in the hallway or working an outdoor festival from 8AM until 2AM for no pay. My life was radio.

Now, I have time to put in good things into my body, yet I refuse to give them a chance. It will be a really scary time when 2013 rolls around and it’s a few months until we move back to the states, decide it’s time to start having little Adam and Bethany’s running around the house, and realize we have absolutely NO IDEA how we will support those kids. I’m trying little by little to get on the ball. I’ve been working on my photography in some way every weekend, reading up on new techniques and methods for achieving great photographs. Learning more about the editing process so my pictures don’t look like everyone else’s. Hopefully, by the time 2013 does come around, I can have a good portfolio built up that I can get my business off the ground fairly quickly and provide.

Who knows, maybe by 2013, I will have this book written that I started months back and can do something with it. I have this time. Precious, precious time. Yet, I’m letting it sift through my fingers like the dirty sand on Haeundae Beach.

But I’m hoping that maybe just writing these words, as pointless as they may seem or may be, is that thing I’m needing to help me get the wastes out of my body and become Mr. Whole Foods Hippie Man that I know I need to become.

Easy on the eyebrows.

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  1. Amy /

    At least you make it to the gym. Some of us…well.

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