Adam: Near Dark? Near(ly) Asleep

Oct 03

Adam: Near Dark? Near(ly) Asleep

Another weekend closer to being the Christmas weekend we are back in the states. Since it’s now October, I’m really hoping that it flies by (I promise, ONE DAY, I will stop wishing my life away). We’re trying to save some money by staying in this month (which we’re only doing somewhat it seems) and watching 31 nights of vampire movies. Last night was day 2 and we watched the “classic” Near Dark.

Now, I’ve heard a lot of horror movie buffs praise this film. I remember watching the movie Elephant because so many people said it was the greatest thing since the digging out of an in-grown toenail. I thought we watched movies to be entertained and to be taken into another world, brought to life by the actors in the vision of a capable director. Well, I know “being entertained” is subjectional, but come on, really? Elephant was about kids every day life in high school, with incredibly long scenes of the said high schoolers walking, yes just walking, in a hallway. Near Dark was about a traveling family of vampires (although never specifically stated in the movie that they were such) who just drive around in their van looking for fun. This movie was a lot like Elephant, in the way that hardly anything happens until the very end. It almost seemed like an R-rated (although barely) version of Twilight. It didn’t have the cool motorcycle gang appeal and “cool” factor as The Lost Boys did, and it had a horrible love story that was more unbelievable than 45-year-old woman lusting over a 16-year-old werewolf boy.

The only redeeming quality of the movie for myself were the one-liners by Bill Paxton, who played “Severen.” Really, I think his character is the ONLY reason people truly like this film. But here’s a word to the wise, “One-liners do not make movies!” Even Arnold Scwarzenegger had some sweet explosions and bulging biceps to back them up!

Another week is upon us and another vampire movie awaits us…

Well, just to add some Korean flair to my Korean-less post….here’s an article for you to read about the ignorance that surrounds us everyday:

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    Near Dark was terrible

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