Bethany: Noel changes everything

Nov 14

Bethany:  Noel changes everything

Hello, Do you still recognize me?  It’s a couple weeks into November.  We survived hundreds of vampires in our apartment in October.  Now, we are well into our holiday season, and it’s been a bit of a slow start.  This is a very special time of the year for us.  Adam and I began our relationship sharing nostalgic stories about our families’ holidays as we grew up, and we quickly realized that our season spirits were in sync about the most wonderful time of the year.  In Adam, I found someone who believes that I am an intelligent, creative young woman, but he allows me to carry a child’s attitude toward Christmas around with me all year.  We countdown starting December 26, choose our charities, dream of gumdrops, deck halls and walls with baubles and bells, hum carols, and emulate the Griswolds to the best of our ability.

I know that the date  we celebrate the Christ’s birthday has been changed, and I really support the amendment.  With no regard to the original reasons for the change, I think the winter is perfect because Christmas always seems warm to me.  For me, I love the contrast of the cold outside and the warmth that we make.  There’s the hot chocolate and fires and flannel, but more than that there’s the human warmth–body heat, from the love that somebody gives to somebody else.

Anyway, visions of eggnog dance in our head (because we haven’t found it in SK yet), we’ve been watching Christmas movies, specials, and episodes of our favorite tv shows.  Tonight, we watched the new Christmas Carol–the new one with Jim Carrey.  I just wanted to admit that I believe in Scrooge’s story.  I believe that it can really happen.  I believe it has before in different variations, and it will again.  Like Zaccheus, the tax collector in about 30 B.C., he stole from all his clients and seemed to be a greedy character.  He acted selfishly and hoarded money because he was probably miserable about his vertical stance and his unpopularity.  Just like Scrooge though, an encounter with Noel changes everything.

I get that people get really stressed about the season because they feel like things get too busy to enjoy  kisstletoe and gift wrapping.  I hope as my responsibilities increase and the Christmas load gets heavier, the icicle lights won’t dim or the 7ft inflatable Snowglobe won’t deflate.  I believe in the world Dickens wrote about, though, where we might get perspective about our humanity from one supernatural night, and then, Noel changes everything.

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    As always, your writing enthuses me.

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