Adam: It Can’t Buy Me…

Nov 15

Adam: It Can’t Buy Me…

I do a lot of reflecting when I write. It seems to stem from a lack of assuring myself that what I’m doing is what I should be doing. Did we make the right decision to come over to teach English to children who do not even know the meaning of that word? Should we have just stayed home and got in the race alongside everyone else? Are we doing the right thing?

There’s so many reasons for us to pack up camp and head back to America for good. However, there’s a lot of reasons for us to stay here in our studio flat apartment, getting stared at for not being an ajjuma wearing a huge sun visor and standard hiking attire. But the general consensus for the reasons the Peterson’s don’t just move back is because of the “what will we do” equation. If we move back home, we’re still in debt (albeit less debt than which we came), with only one car and no idea of what jobs we can get. If we remain steadfast and stay here for another 2 years, we should come home debt free and a nice chunk of change for a down payment on a house.

But while you’re here, the money can’t seem to replace the lives of the people you miss on a daily basis. The smiles on the children’s faces every time they see you *outside of class* doesn’t make up for the longing of community back home. At least, not for me.

A co-worker of mine wrote on her blog something that is a sentiment I’ve felt for a long time. She said, “i miss my old friends and the things we used to do together and how it almost never required going to bars.

I remember of complaining about there being nothing to do in Arkansas. The grass is always greener on the other side, I know, but back home, there are people who we shared connections with. In Korea, you’re meeting people who you work with, can go out for drinks with (if that’s your thing), and then move on with the ending of your contract. It’s mainly a bonding based on necessity. You need that bonding to stay sane when you’re halfway around the world, away from friends and family, and placed in country where you’re the equivalent of a zoo animal.

Back home, you worked for the weekend. This may just be a mindset that needs some rewiring, but here I feel like I’m working to just get back to my home. My real home. I said to a co-worker after work on Friday last week, “Ah, why can it not just be Monday?” Don’t get me wrong, I love my weekends, and loathe the Mondays as the rest do. Yet, each day that passes, I’m another day closer to being back with those that matter to me most. Yes, wishing my life away…or just wishing to return to an old one.

We’re here for the right reason…We’re here for the right reason…We’re here for the right reasons.

(I promise, happier posts will come again. Blame being awake 2 hours after your wife has already fallen asleep.)

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