Bethany: Milk, Honey, and Potato Schnapps

Jan 23

Bethany: Milk, Honey, and Potato Schnapps

Two month break from blogging.  For shame.  I haven’t had much to say, or rather I’ve probably had too much to say, but not a clear enough head to say it.  Anyway, we owe you updates.

December:  We went home to Arkansas.  It was only for a week, and it was strange.   We were rushed from person to person, exhausted and jet lagged, and I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to feel normal or weird.  It was a bit of both, because as our lives tumble about in a Korean washing machine, everything in Arkansas seems almost the same.  It’s comforting to know everything seems to have waited for us, unchanged, but we did change and aren’t sure if it will satisfy now.

January:  We returned (a day late, because we missed a flight), and I got a bad ear infection that had me crying through the night.  Straight confusion-causing headaches that lasted for sometimes 5 or 6 hours, drainage, pain, and bleeding from my right ear.  After another round of the mystery pill packs, the pain, drainage, headaches, and bleeding stopped in about a week.  I still get a random sharp pain in my ear every couple days, and my hearing isn’t completely restored.  However, the ringing is very quiet now, and the hearing gets a little clearer every day.  This next week will be our first month back, so I hope my full hearing will be back before we leave for our next trip.

February:  Our next trip.  Our plans for New Zealand for February fell through. Flight prices doubled overnight.  So we found a new destination, shortened the trip by a week, since it’s a pricier place, and convinced my parents to come too.  In 3 weeks, we will be leaving Korea, and headed to Keflavik, Iceland.  It’s a small town right outside of Reykjavik, the northern most capital in the world.  We were originally looking for a beach to lay on, to forget about Korea for awhile.  We researched resorts in Vietnam, islands in the Philippines, vacation houses in Bali, and spas in Malaysia, but nothing really got us excited.  I really wanted to go somewhere warm, anticipating the cold that triggered my first flu/severe cold last January (and has lingered all year).  We, now, have high standards for beach vacations after our stay at the Indigo Pearl last July.

So I started looking beyond the beach scene, thinking maybe it wasn’t an umbrella drink and island-induced lobotomy that would recharge my batteries before the next contract.  So when I pitched the idea to Adam, I told him I found my dream vacation that would make it all worth it, but it wasn’t a flip flop and pina colada place.  He thought it would be too expensive, but we were able to make the flight and room fit into the budget, with extra room for our costs while there, since Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live.  However, after some research, it seems that most of the expenses lie in the food costs, because Iceland imports most products outside of seafood, milk, and cheese which are obtained locally.  We are really stoked about this trip and my  mom and dad getting to come.  We are staying at the 1×6 guesthouse in Keflavik.  It looks really  cozy and aesthetically unique, which is important to me when I try to relax my mind, but it does not have private bathrooms for each room.  Instead, each floor (there are 2 floors with 3 rooms on each.) shares a restroom.  Our room is on the same floor as mom and dad’s so it will practically be like sharing a bathroom with family, but there will be one other room sharing with us.  I was really set on this place though because it’s right on the Artic Ocean, and it actually has a geothermal tub built on site.  Iceland guesthouses are like the American equivalent of bed and breakfasts, which we found out that we really like despite our youth.  This is our room:

The bed in our room. Cozy, right?

We booked a 4×4 for the trip so we can drive around the country, which is around the size of Kentucky, to see volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers, the first parliament in the world, Viking World, etc.  We are crossing our fingers, toes, and eyes that we get a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis too.  I think we have a good chance as winter months when daylight is shortest is best.  Daylight will be from around 10 am to 4 pm while we are there, but Reykjavik has a pretty active night life.  I may even have to try the black death, a nasty potato schnapps, to keep me warm because the temp will be around freezing point all the time.  We bought lots of long underwear, some heavy boots, ugly puffer jackets with fur, wool socks and gloves, and we have enough hats to keep the Dugger kids’ heads warm.  We’ll still probably be cold, but that’s part of it.  I even plan to strip down to my bathing suit (although I think I’m leaving my bikini here since I’ve maintaining my sweater and boots body in these cold months) when we go to the Blue Lagoon, a man made geothermal spa in the middle of a lava field.  It may be snowing on our heads, but the water is always around 100 degrees.  The water looks so milky, and guests smear silica mud on their arms and faces to improve skin.  The healing waters of the Lagoon are also used to treat psoriasis.  Mom and I may sneak away to get massages in the spa area.

We’ve been studying other things to do as well.  Adam and I are thinking we might go snorkeling or dogsledding.  We need adventure before we come back to Korea or go back to America.  Whatever the case may be.  We aren’t exactly sure what will be happening in March, but we are determined to enjoy February.

I don’t know what I came to say, but there’s a bit about our upcoming adventures with only a little frustration about Korea.  We aren’t opposed to jobs in the US if ones open up, but we’ll just have to see what happens.  2011 might be the year to do instead of plan.  The best of laying is often not as fruitful as you imagined, and even though our plans for 2010 were really quite successful, we are forever putting our relationships in Arkansas and our experiences with each other on either sides of the scale to find out which is more important.  The scale doesn’t seem to be cooperating, as nothing is moving.  We are sharing things together that we may never have had the chance to if we stayed in Arkansas, but it’s tough to be away from like minded people who have already decided to love us.

We’re letting tomorrow worry about itself, like the birds do, but still craving a place to set up our tents for good.  I’ve been thinking of the time when the Israelites were on the cusp of Canaan, and they were ready to pack up their tents and move into the place that had been promised to them.  Someone had the bright idea to scout it out first.  Moses didn’t object or anything, but I think it was a bad idea.  The people got scared because their new neighbors were fierce giants, Fee Fi Fo Fum, and the fear cost them the milk and honey flow.  So I’m thinking we are not going to scout.  We aren’t going to get scared.  We’re just going to go when the time gets here . . . go back to Korea.  Go back to America.  Go wherever the milk and honey are supposed to flow for us.

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  1. Iceland.
    Such a great choice.
    I am far too jealous.
    Be sure to post pictures.

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