Bethany: Coming to America

Feb 02

Bethany:  Coming to America

We’re coming home.  It’s decided and set.  We had a huge run-around to make this decision, but in the end, we really let the decision make itself.  I think I’ll let Adam tell the whole story.    Now, we are watching Slumdog Millionaire, packing, and looking for jobs.  It’s a little bit stressful, but I think I obviously need to get a job writing.  A junior technical writing position maybe, or best of best: Adam gets a good job with health insurance, so I can volunteer to write a few grants, get familiar with the process, and start charging for my services.

Hey, we are both OFFICIALLY finished with our contracts.  Those final paychecks are nice!  Combined with our pension checks, we came out just above 10k, just 20% of our original goal, and the loans are not all paid off.  However, the hoops, the hoops, the stinkin’ hoops that we felt we were jumping through to sign the new contract  just didn’t seem worth the cash.  So we found that we don’t have a problem putting easy money over family and friends.  Unidentified beef-like material burritos from Taco Bell are also luring us back.

We have Iceland to look forward to on top of all the excitement of more permanent scenery change.  It’s a good week for Team Peterson.  There’s the abridged update.


It was a little bit hard to say goodbye to all the sweeties, but I’ll be so happy to get on that plane.

Claire bear

The unfortunate part is that we will probably be on separate flights.  Yuck-o Marx, because it’s about the longest, most miserable 17 hours of my life.    Let’s have cupcakes and a bath and body shower products ready at the gate!!

Scary Harry

Adam is excited about all the photo gig opportunities.

For now, I’m just excited about having more than a few hours to catch up with everyone in Arkansas that I’ve ever known or liked.  No appointments necessary this time.

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