Adam: We’re just two newlyweds who need something to fill our time in between arguing over what to watch on TV and to procastinate doing the dishes. I don’t know how to describe myself. Maybe Bethany will do that for me. As for who Bethany is, well, I liked her enough to make her my wife and let her birth my children, eventually. Thus meaning, she’s quite swell in my book. Oh yea, she likes sugar. Like it’s crack. She’s on step 1 of 12.

Bethany:  We start counting down the days until Christmas December 26.  We have this weinie dog, named Rosco, who sometimes licks our mouths, which is gross, but we love him so it’s okay.  Also, we don’t argue over what to watch on TV, but if we did, I have 3 months of training in the deadly art of Judo.  So I think you know how that would end.  Adam used to be out of my league, but now I’m his wife so I’m cooler by association.  He can sometimes name that tune in one note or less (by just a sound effect), and he can perform an epic “Little Drummer Boy,” Josh Groban style.