Bethany: Noel changes everything

Nov 14

Bethany:  Noel changes everything

Hello, Do you still recognize me?  It’s a couple weeks into November.  We survived hundreds of vampires in our apartment in October.  Now, we are well into our holiday season, and it’s been a bit of a slow start.  This is a very special time of the year for us.  Adam and I began our relationship sharing nostalgic stories about our families’...

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Adam: A Christmas Story

Nov 10

Adam: A Christmas Story

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Back home, I can just picture the soccer moms’ sweaters and mini-vans adorned with a festive wreath on the front. I see Wal-Mart counting down the days to get rid of the Halloween candy and costumes for the real holidays to begin. Traffic will be bad on the freeways and circling the parking lots at malls for long...

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Bethany: Characters

Oct 24

Bethany:  Characters

After watched Miley Cyrus’ age-inappropriate video, Can’t be Tamed, I knew my Halloween costume.  We’re required to dress up at Wonderland for the Halloween festival this Friday.  Since I have to work in my  costume all day and I don’t have the willpower to tame my growing thighs, I added pants to Miley’s sluttier version.  For school,...

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Bethany: Coffee, coffee, coffee. It’s a bit.

Oct 21

Bethany:  Coffee, coffee, coffee.  It’s a bit.

No matter where we live, someone will have to build us one of these for Mr. Rosco.  Miss that guy.  Even though he sometimes kissed a bit too aggressively. By the way, up to Day 21: Underworld Trilogy cleared, the new Lost Boys was ridonk.  I don’t think I’ve had a single vampire dream since we started.  Strange, because one of my most vivid nightmares...

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Bethany: Garlic breath

Oct 19

Bethany:  Garlic breath

Day 7:  Jennifer’s Body–Not technically a vampire movie, but a demon possession.  Despite the technicality, the essence was vampiric.  She stays hot (like vampires stay young and healthy and, let’s face it, sexy) by feeding on the flesh of others.  Also, there’s rockstars, which we’ll revisit on Day 10.  An okay, teen scary movie, but...

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